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company was establish in 1949, operating at the beginning into the fields of small services and small production.The main products of the company are: safety seat belts (international homologated), tractor and agricultural machine rims, seats for tractors, lorries and agricultural machines, metal goods, wood, metal furniture, cast-iron and non-ferrous parts, flexible air hoses (ducts), steel wire household items, kitchen goods, strainers, beaters, grills, baskets for food, bathroom articles, shelves, linen dryers a.s.o. All the wire products are durably and good locking coated, using various technologies, among which: tin plating, nickel plating, dyeing, plastic-epoxy coating. The large products are collapsible for easier transportation. The company is well equipped from technological point of view and the personnel is high qualified, so that the output meet the international quality standards. (Metaloplast has got ISO9001 certification). There are hundreds of types of products, and percentage of the production is exported in 10 European countries, U.S.A., and through the wholesalers, all over the world.

Bine ati venit pe site-ul firmei METALOPLAST S.A.Metaloplast SA Brasov, ROMANIA, a fost infiintata in iulie 1949. Intreprinderea a fost formata din cāteva ateliere de confectii metalice si de mobila. Urmatoarele decade au fost caracterizate printr-o dezvoltare continua in toate privintele - volumul productiei, profit, numar de personal si nivel tehnologic. Se pot remarca unele activitati de un nivel tehnologic ridicat ca de exemplu productia de planoare (aeronave) si reparatii avioane, reparatii pompe de injectie Diesel, centuri de siguranta pentru vehicole rutiere, componente de camioane si tractoare, de tipul scaune, cusete, diferite repere stantate si turnate.

Sc Metastar Srl este o firma infiintata in anul 1994 avand ca profil principal comercializarea profilelor metalice si otel beton prcum si tevi rotunde, trase si sudate, patrate si rectangulare

Steelscreen, the European Marketplace for Steel and Metal Products

Urbis Metal Romania
Urbis Metal is a steel shots and grit producing company which has had an experience since 1968 in this field. Our steel shots(spherical and grit) are used for:Cleaning of steel castings ;Cleaning of shipbuilding plates; Cleaning of gas receivers and cylinders; Cleaning of brass and bronze castings Cleaning of aluminium castings; Pickling of steel sheets and strips Pickling before protective coating (enamelling);Pickling before protective coating (metallizing, silvering, zinc plating); Shot- peening of springs; Surface preparation for mechanical processing

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